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Giardia, giardia, giardia. Adopted my puppy on March 19, 2016 and he still has it.

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I was in here yesterday and saw the most horrible treatment of animals! They had a poor little puppy that apparently they thought it was a good idea to DYE PURPLE. This dog had the most terrified look and was trembling. How could a company like this allow such mistreatment of animals. The employees and the managers avoided me when I wanted a Franchise owners number. Videos to follow. Hair dye and pets do not mix. You may have seen photos... Read more

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After looking up info on my puppy, I now consider her a lucky rescue, and myself just lucky. I had done a search after I got her 5 months ago, without luck. Can't find it now, but thought the papers indicated she came from NC, which bothered me at the time--that's a long way to ship a puppy. Nope, she came from a MO puppy mill. The photos I found online are awful. Fell in love with puppy and don't regret getting her. She's been healthy, but... Read more

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Their "breeders" are not actually breeders, they are puppy mills and usually end up with genetic abnormalities, parasites or worse. It's a shame that the company is more concerned about making money off these animals than they are about the health and well being of their dogs. I've been working with dogs for many years and unfortunately have come into contact with many former petland puppy owners. In almost every one of the cases, the dog ended... Read more

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Everyone knows by now that you don't breed dogs anyway!!!! Have you not heard about the over population problem by now? Get a real job instead of buying puppies to breed!!! The pound and local shelters have wonderful, health dogs and they have been fully vetted and stand by their health records. And if you have a problem they will be glad to help or exchange the pet. You need to start visiting the shelters and see how many puppies and dogs we... Read more

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DO NOT buy a puppy from this or any other Petland. They buy puppies from hobby breeders that can't be sold because of genetic problems, and sell them for astronomical prices. They send you to THEIR VET who says the animal is fine, but that is not the case. We got taken twice by them. We purchased two puppies to the tune of $3600 and can't even breed them because of hereditary health issues. But we will fight! Read more

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I bought a netherland dwarf bunny from petland about 3 weeks after Easter, and now a month later he just passed away. Not sure what he died from because he died before I could get him to the animal hospital but he was flailing around his cage and had bubbles coming from his nose and died immediately, he had also vomited or diarrhead the night prior to dying.

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We recently purchased a 3 month old Pomeranian from Petland. After debating back and forth on whether or not we wanted to pay the steep price, we decided we would since I was in love with this puppy. After getting our puppy home we realized he had kennel cough, since we had a wellness exam we weren't too worried we just kept him away from our other dogs until the appointment. At our appointment we discovered that not only did our new poor puppy... Read more

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This store is horrible. They DO get the puppies from mills, and there are dead hamsters all over in the cage. The guinea pigs all have mites and dead fish galore. I was *** enough to purchase a dog there before I knew any of this and my dog has had more health issues than any other I have ever known. Kennel Cough, Runny nose, seizures, and skin infections! All within the first month of bringing it home. They did nothing for the puppy or the... Read more

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